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Over 100 Satmar Families to Move into RBS Bet

satmerAccording to the website “B’Chedrei Charedim” a representative from Satmar bought a huge area this weekend to build apartments in Beit Shemesh and will call the housing “Kiryat Yoel” in memory of Rabbi Yoel Moshe Teitelbaum, z”l.

Like many communities and other sectors, the Satmar Chasidim have had a housing shortage in the country in recent years. Over the years, they took all kinds of suggestions, but most of the proposals didn’t work due to the fact that the Chasidim have institutions that take money from the state.

The area in RBS Bet that they have purchased is planned for will have 100 apartments of 110 square meters and will be sold for only 700 thousand shekels per unit. The community of Satmar is well-known for their anti-Zionist extremism and chose a location for the construction of the new development to be near the communities having a similar ideology.

(The people in the article are not associated with this article. Photo courtesy of Wikapedia)



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