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2 Rioters Arrested for Attacking Police

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Riots in Bet Shemesh over the past two weeks have resulted in endangering the lives of city employees, smashing car windows and causing serious damage. Local police who are fed up with this behavior have gone on to arrest 4 individuals.

The Police have begun to search for the perpetrators who have been disrupting the peace of the neighborhood to arrest them and bring them to justice.

As part of activities carried out yesterday, detectives and border guards operating undercover entered the neighborhoods where there was unrest. The residents began to congregate around the vehicle they were traveling in. In some instances the residents began to kick and block their vehicles while preventing them from moving on. After the police got out to disperse the crowd and identity the rioters, the rioters began to attack and curse the policemen. Strangely enough in other cases, the rioters began singing and dancing around them in order to block their way.

One of the policemen was injured in the face and was evacuated for medical treatment.

Overnight, after an arrest warrant was issued, the police detained two suspects, who are residents of the city. One of the suspects is suspected in involvement in the incident of attacking a police van during a demonstration while the other suspect is accused of prior rioting. When his home was searched, police found dozens of posters denouncing the army and spray paint.

According to the police spokesman “The police will not allow lawbreakers to harm public servants no matter where they are, and take a firm stance against anyone who disrupts the peace and attacks police officers or civil servants…”




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