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Beit shemesh residents demand dati leumi kindergarten in Chareidi neighborhood.



Schooling, like housing, is always a shortage in Israel. City officials can never keep up with the growing population, but the question is whether the city is obligated to provide that accommodation – and more importantly what kind of accommodation.

A small protest took place outside of City Hall today regarding why there is no dati leumi kindergarten in their charedi neighborhood. One of parents protesting questioned why has he at least not gotten a response from city officials. The small group of parents want the city to give them a government-funded kindergarten with a dati leumi hashkafa in a charedi area.

Even though kindergartens are run privately by NGOs and not the city, the parents are pushing the city to acquiesce. There was a temporary solution on the tableĀ  but nothing official has been finalized.




  1. Yitzchak Bukingolts

    There are no iriya ganim at all… This isn’t a chareidi/not chareidi issue – crazy that these people waited for the 3 weeks for this circus

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  2. Zecie Maltz

    This is the most misleading article I have read from LCN yet. As tho some strangers showed up to a Chareidi neighborhood, asking for a DL Gan.
    Actually, parents from that very neighborhood were asking for the Gan, which is their right to have – an Iriya Gan Within walking distance of their home, that’s the law.
    Obviously, the neighborhood can’t be all that “Chareidi”, if parents are unhappy to be forced to send to the local Chareidi Ganim.
    Stupid, stupid article.

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    • Actually you’re incorrect… if you have a handful of dati leumi people in a mainly charedei area the area is still chareidi.. they do have a gan in the area. You make it sound like they need to have a pity party bc their kids are walking the streets and paying hundreds of thousands of shekels to go to school! Why are they magei? They must have lived in Israel too long…

      They aren’t forced. They don’t like it….move!

      It was clear in the article. Good job DM!

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