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This is the most misleading article I have read from …

Comment on Beit shemesh residents demand dati leumi kindergarten in Chareidi neighborhood. by Zecie Maltz.

This is the most misleading article I have read from LCN yet. As tho some strangers showed up to a Chareidi neighborhood, asking for a DL Gan.
Actually, parents from that very neighborhood were asking for the Gan, which is their right to have – an Iriya Gan Within walking distance of their home, that’s the law.
Obviously, the neighborhood can’t be all that “Chareidi”, if parents are unhappy to be forced to send to the local Chareidi Ganim.
Stupid, stupid article.

Recent Comments by Zecie Maltz

Work accident in Azor Taasiyah
Who cares? This is News:
This is delicious sweet boy, who is on the spectrum, was kicked in the groin by the shadow on his school bus. The point of the shadow is to have extra care in the school bus for special needs children. He has punched a child in the face, curses them out on a regular basis, yells daily, is verbally abusive, has taken a kids toy and thrown it out the window and the list goes on. Tany has acquired a rainbow of curse words thanks to Oren. The bus and shadow are government provided and the city council refuses to replace him claiming that the complaints are unfounded. We have turned to the police and he will be temporarily detained but may very well get his job back in a week. I would like to raise hell in order to protect my son and the 20 other children suffering abuse daily. Please help me by sharing and tagging until the right people see this.

IN PHOTOS: Sheva Brachos for Mayor’s Daughter
Oh Lord, I think I see knees

IN PHOTOS: Sheva Brachos for Mayor’s Daughter
There’s a daughter?? Where??

Prominent Beit Shemesh Rov says we are in Messianic times
People have been finding various proofs of our being in Messianic times for the past, approximately, 2000 years. I’m sure they’re all right.



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