Sunday , 22 April 2018
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Bus Surfing (Video)

bus surfing

One of our readers sent us this video of a dangerous new trend teens have begun to use to get free rides on buses.

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Police to Crack Down on Traffic Offenders


  Beit Shemesh police are continuing their large scale operations against traffic violators. The local police in conjunction with the Jerusalem District of Traffic Police recorded 60 tickets last week for life threatening traffic infractions including: 3 teenagers who were caught driving a car and none of them had a license and a driver caught under the influence of drugs. …

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Missing Beit Shemesh Man Has Been Found

WhatsApp Image 2017-01-18 at 1.29.33 PM

  Around 14:00 police issued a missing person’s report for a Matan Ben Abu, 25, who had not been seen since Sunday. A few minutes ago it was reported that he was found safe and sound. No further details have been released.

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Translation of Letter from the Iryah Office About Dog Situation

wild dog

    As we reported last night, Beit Shemesh is having a terrible dog epidemic. For the first time a message from Dr. Maya Kimchi who has been selected to tackle this issue has spoken out about the current situation. Abridged letter is below: Dear Residents – We are in a tough situation where dogs are coming in from surrounding …

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Eruv Poles in Beit Shemesh Destroyed


  (photo credit: YWN)     Noam Zeigman from Kol Berama had a office from the Beit Shemesh Religous Council yesterday discussing how there were a small amount of individuals that were involved with dowsing eruv poles in the Bar Ilan neighborhood of the city.  Even though the neighborhood is “mixed” the chareidi and non chareidi families live together in …

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New Arnona Break Strains City’s Budget

beit shemesh homes

A new property tax break was signed into effect for low income families. This further lowers their arnona bill by up to 5%. In addition, the law makes the deduction easier to get by having to submit 12 month pay stubs as oppose to before where you only had to submit 3 months. This new break is burdening local governments …

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Wild Dogs New Threat to Beit Shemesh

wild dog

    People are angry at the iryah because they claim they are doing nothing about the wild dog situation in the city. There have been many claims that there are wild and dangerous dogs attacking city residents. These dogs are thought to be the guard dogs from local developments being built or from the local Bedouins. Last week a …

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More Details on Highway 1 Closures


As we get ready for the upcoming closures on Highway 1, the Ministry of Transportation has put out how this effects public transportation. Click here for all the details of which bus lines will be open and the new routes.

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BDE: Moshe Herman

moshe herman

    We are sad to report that Moshe Herman, a security guard at the Beit Shemesh engines plant, has succumbed to his wounds. He was found shot last week and suffered gunshot wounds to the upper body. The funeral will be today at 3:30 PM.   The incident is still under investigation.  

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Accident on Route 38 Leaves 10 Injured and Some Severely Wounded (Correction)

WhatsApp Image 2017-01-12 at 7.55.55 PM

  A horrible accident happened tonight between a minibus and a private car leave 10 injured and many more wounded. The accident happened around 20:00 this evening on Route 38 by the Shimshon Junction. A firefighting team lead by Kobe Danon were the first to respond. More details to come.   (Editors note: We previous reported that 10 were dead. …

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