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Iriyah Begins Project Clean Up !!

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The Iriyah has begun project clean up. the project is beginning with the replacing of over 300 of the old style open green dumpsters. These old fashion dumpsters have been a problem for years, as the areas surrounding the dumpsters tend to become filthy with the garbage that over spills from them. The garbage tends to attract countless cats as …

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Route 38 Closures To Start Tonight.


On the 13/02/17  and the 14/02/17 Route 38 will be closed from 11:00pm- 6.00am. This is due to construction of one of the new bridges along route 38. The closure will take place from after the gas station at the Mesilat Zion junction southbound towards the Eshtaol junction. The Following diversions for both nights of the closure have been advised: …

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Worker Dies Today in Accident in RBS G

falling person

Zaka was seen in  RBS Gimmel today where a an Arab worker fell and died. More details to come.

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Earthquake Drill For Schools to be Next Week

earthquake drill

Next week schools all over the country will be having an exercise drill in case of an earthquake. Earthquakes in Israel, while mostly mild, are a fairly common natural event.

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Bus Surfing (Video)

bus surfing

One of our readers sent us this video of a dangerous new trend teens have begun to use to get free rides on buses.

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Police to Crack Down on Traffic Offenders


  Beit Shemesh police are continuing their large scale operations against traffic violators. The local police in conjunction with the Jerusalem District of Traffic Police recorded 60 tickets last week for life threatening traffic infractions including: 3 teenagers who were caught driving a car and none of them had a license and a driver caught under the influence of drugs. …

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Local Teens Arrested After Recent String Of Burglaries

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After a prolonged period of burglaries into homes and synagogues, including the attempted arson of the synagogue, A  special police operation was set up to put an end to the phenomenon. Part of the operation was an undercover investigation, and at the end of many months of planning  the operation was successful. Police allowed for publication this week that they have …

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Baby Rescued From Locked Car.

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Also in the winter this can be dangerous! Before a few moments A baby was rescued from a locked car. It is important to state that the baby was not forgotten in the car but accidentally locked inside when the driver of the car managed to lock themselves out with the keys still inside the car. The Chaverim organisation responded …

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Electric Power Outages Strike Beit Shemesh On Erev Shabbat.


Power outages that were caused by the extreme winter weather that Israel is experiencing at the moment, plunged houses into darkness in certain sections of the city on erev shabbat. However Beit Shemesh was not the only city to have experienced power cuts Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Ashdod & Petach Tikva all reported to have experienced power cuts either before,during or …

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Residents Of Beit Shemesh To Protest Outside Iriyah Offices Tomorrow


Residents of Ramat Beit Shemesh are to protest outside the Iriyah offices tomorrow, over its incompetence with their handling of the wild dog situation, which has escalated to dangerous levels these past few weeks. The protest has been arranged to start at 9.00am on Sunday morning 28/01/17 and will continue to 2:00pm. Organisers of the event have asked that as …

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