Sunday , 22 April 2018
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Earthquake Drill For Schools to be Next Week

earthquake drill

Next week schools all over the country will be having an exercise drill in case of an earthquake. Earthquakes in Israel, while mostly mild, are a fairly common natural event.

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Wild Dogs New Threat to Beit Shemesh

wild dog

    People are angry at the iryah because they claim they are doing nothing about the wild dog situation in the city. There have been many claims that there are wild and dangerous dogs attacking city residents. These dogs are thought to be the guard dogs from local developments being built or from the local Bedouins. Last week a …

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Greenberg Meets with New Police Chief to Discuss Helping Beit Shemesh

Greenberg and police

Sgan Rosh Hair Rabbi Shmuel Greenberg met today with the new Beit Shemesh Police Commander, Ronen Goresh and Chief Superintendent Michael Malka. They discussed the issues of keeping the peace in the city, construction in RBS G and police staffing there, keeping it quiet at Ayalon park at night as well as the recent slew of burglaries. They agreed at …

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Random Alcohol Testing Shows Bus Drivers Drunk While Driving

alcohol test

  This past weekend the police held random alcohol checks to check the alcohol level of bus drivers. They found 12 drivers who tested higher than the legal limit. Passengers are encouraged that if they notice suspicious activity or driving to please notify the police.

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Suspected Terror Warning

terroist page

  On Sept 8th the police received a terror warning  about  Muchmad Abu Amarya, a resident of Zatra (outside Chevron) planning a terror attack.  He has history of using guns as his weapon of choice. In the past he has attacked Jews and members of Tzahal in the area of Beis Lechem.   He may be armed and dangerous. If …

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Last Week’s Attack Not the First Time for Assailant

unlocked door

    We spoke with the lady that called the police on the assault that happened last week in RBS G. The X family had just moved into the building and left their two daughters, 16 and 10 to unpack when there was a knock at the door. A neighbor had come over to introduce himself. He called himself “Robbie” …

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More Details on the Rape in RBS G


  As an update to our story earlier about the 24-year-old suspect arrested for  the rape of the 16-year-old girl in her apartment. More details have emerged. The suspect, who lives next door to the family of the girl, noticed that the front door was open and entered. At the time the 16-year-old was babysitting her younger sister. He took …

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Sirens in Sderot

tzeva adom

    Two tzeva adom sirens went off today. One in Sderot and another in the surrounding area of Sderot.  No causalities reported.   Update: As of 11:23 tonight (Sunday) both IAF and IDF have pummeled Gaza in retaliation according to witnesses. The IDF has yet to release a statement.

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Shitur Meshulav vehicle attacked

police car

While giving out tickets, a resident threw a rock at the marked police vehicle, blowing out the back window. The incident occurred on Hillel Street. Police do not have a suspect in custody at this time.

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Multiple arrests in Moshav Zanoach drug lab

418 bus molester arrested

Officers tipped off to the lab in Zanoach Four Beit Shemesh residents were arrested after police uncovered a massive drug warehouse in a machsan in Moshav Zanoach. During a lengthy investigation, police were tipped off to the warehouse in Zanoach. They staged a raid, and caught the four residents of Beit Shemesh. They have been charged with intent to distribute. Police …

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