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Demonstration Today in Support of Elor Azaria




There will be a demonstration today in support of Elor Azaria, 11:00 today at BIG.

Azaria, was an army medic convicted of manslaughter yesterday for the killing of Abed al-Fattah al-Sharif, a 21-year-old Palestinian in Chevron. His trial has divided Israel and has been the source of contention since the trial started due to politicians and the army’s top brass alternately supporting or condemning the soldier’s actions.

The leaders of the demonstration today point out:

  • ┬áthe medial examiner, Dr. Hiss, concluded that the terrorist was not killed by Azaria’s bullet. Unfortunately, his testimony was thrown out as invalid.
  • the MDA medics were told to stay away from the terrorist (who was on the ground injured after being stabbed) in case he had an explosive device on him
  • in the video of the shooting you can see that none of the officers were disturbed by the shooting and you can in fact see Elor speaking to his commander before loading his gun.
  • A day before this incident happened MK Yair Lapid announced on TV that no terrorist should leave the scene of an attack alive.



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