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Egged: We admit inner city buses not adequate for intercity travel

Egged_bus_IL_WVEgged Inner City Bus

Egged has no good answers for inner city buses on Beit Shemesh routes

In a terse hearing with MK Eichler, Egged officials have admitted that the use of inner city buses is inadequate for inter city use. This is a rampart problem in Beit Shemesh, specifically on lines 417, 418 and 419 on Fridays, during the Bein Hazimanim time, and high travel times such as Chol Hamoed, Purim, and Lag B’Omer.

Because of its distance from cities like Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, Beit Shemesh routes are designated as inter-city routes, entitling passengers to a higher level of coach than inner city or close cities. An example of a close city would be Mevasseret Zion and Jerusalem.

Eichler demanded answers from Egged officials. “I see people standing, strollers in the aisle, and overcrowded conditions” says Eichler. “This does not seem to be a comfortable or even safe way to travel”.

Egged officials had no answers for him. “We have two options,” they said. “One option is to provide inadequate service – the other option is to provide no service.” Eichler responded that there is a third option – provide the proper buses as defined by Misrad Hatachburah. Egged says they don’t have the inter city buses necessary to handle the traffic. Eichler demanded the Ministry of Transportation deal with this problem.

In short, it does not look like this phenomenon will be resolved any time soon.



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