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Gan to Finally Open in RBS G


eduacation meeting

Following the announcement last week of a dati gan opening in Ramat Beit Shemesh Gimmel, it was agreed to open the gan that was completed recently on  Yoel Hanavi. The decision was made after many efforts of the Deputy Mayor, Rabbi Chaim Ben Margi, who met with the Minister of Education Naftali Bennett. It should be noted that neighborhood parents demonstrated last week at the town hall after they were promised that the gan will open.

Ben Margi thanked Mayor Moshe Abutbul and the Commissioner of Education Yeshayahu Ehrenreich said: “Despite our differences of opinion, I am pleased about the decision last night. You have to understand that there is [a lack of space] of buildings in ultra-Orthodox in general and RBS G in particular. The shortage of classrooms is a problem for all of us.  We are all in the in the same boat, and because of this we got together … to expedite the solution. I am pleased to work together and I have no doubt that together we will all be satisfied. ”

Head of  the Vaad horim of RBS G Yosef Yankelevich said in response: “I want to thank Deputy Mayor Rabbi Chaim Ben Margi, for his efforts and the efforts to open the gan. But  first and foremost, I want to thank the leadership of the parent council headed by Yaniv Vogel.  From the moment he heard the story he quickly worked in order to reach a solution. As well as Joint Committees – Uri Ahli and Tatiana Illouz, and Dudu Amar head of the Vaad of ganim were very instrumental as well. Everyone, without exception, has gone above and beyond in order that this would open successfully  … if not for their help we would not have the gan. Thanks to attorney Abigail Slonim for her legal support. ”

Photo: Ben-Margi and representatives of parents at a meeting with the leadership of the Minister of Education.



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