Friday , 20 April 2018
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Iriyah Begins Project Clean Up !!

The Iriyah has begun project clean up. the project is beginning with the replacing of over 300 of the old style open green dumpsters. These old fashion dumpsters have been a problem for years, as the areas surrounding the dumpsters tend to become filthy with the garbage that over spills from them. The garbage tends to attract countless cats as well as rats & has become an eye sore for the residents of the city.

The Iriyah to combat this problem has invested 3 million shekels to replace these old style dumpsters & have the new sinkable round dumpsters take there place. Shimon Goldberg ” head of the landscape authority'” ┬áhas said that he is happy that the first stages of this project has started, we are working with a budget of over 3 millon shekels to clean up the streets of Beit Shemesh the dumpsters are just the beginning!



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