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Kabalat Kahal With R’ Aryeh Deri


Rabbi Aryeh Deri will be coming to Beit Shemesh  for a kabalat kahal with other members of the different factions to answer questions from Beit Shemesh residents .

The staff will address the following issues to the general public:

Health – MK HaRav Yoav Ben Tzur, from the Shas party

Education – HaRav Chaim Biton, CEO of B’nei Yosef

Construction – MK HaRav Michael Michaeli

Arnona – Yonan Azulai, Advisor

Things having to do between the army and yeshiva – Avi Rosen, Chairman of the Vaad Hachinuch

Revacha and Bituach Leumi – Yekutiel Moshi, Sagan shar hapanim

Passports – Ruvi Shemesh, Advisor

Employment –  Yisroel Ozen, Advisor


The event will take place in Kinyan Neimi, Derech Yitzchak Rabin 2 on Jan 12th from 11:00-15:00.

To make an appointment please call 077.957.7222




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