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Last Week’s Attack Not the First Time for Assailant



unlocked door

We spoke with the lady that called the police on the assault that happened last week in RBS G.

The X family had just moved into the building and left their two daughters, 16 and 10 to unpack when there was a knock at the door. A neighbor had come over to introduce himself. He called himself “Robbie” and asked them some friendly questions and then asked to come in and see the apartment.

A short while after he cameĀ  in the younger sister went to go in another room. That’s when Robbie grabbed the 16 year old, covered her mouth and shoved her to the ground. She was touched, but thankfully as oppose to what was reported earlier, was not raped.

When the younger sister came out to see the commotion, Robbie jumped up and fled the apartment. The police and the girls’ parents were then called.

Another source from the apartment building reported to us that the police claim that this is not his first run in. He allegedly has been accused of similar events in Beit Shemesh and Yerushalim.





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