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Firestorm on Facebook over Restaurant

Firestorm on Facebook
This evening, a post on Facebook is stirring controversy about what is right and wrong for someone to post about a locally owned, small restaurant. The restaurant in question has a very high reputation among Beit Shemesh residents. As the story goes, one person was upset because of the way the food was presented, and mouthed off about it on Facebook, causing a social media storm. Here are some of the comments:


Just ordered from “x” and got burnt food ask for extra sauce and this is what I got. (Competition) never gives me anything like this. Not acceptable.


“May I ask-why you are posting this ? Wouldn’t it make sense to just call them?”


“You can tell them in person. No reason to post and ruin their reputation and very possibly their business.”


“This is a business run by locals this doesn’t seem like the nicest way to go about this. I’d call them asap and maybe take the post down”


“You totally didnt have to post this. Why didn’t you just complain? X is the nicest guy and i’m sure would have been very apologetic and replaced whatever you’d ordered. Absolutely no need to make this kind of thing a public issue. I ordered a bad piece of pizza the other day for my son. I just took it back and had it replaced. I certainly wasn’t going to take pictures of it and bad mouth the business.”


Please comment and tell us what YOU think of this.
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  1. Shtusum! Its not appropriate to blast your stupid lashon hora out to all your facebook friends.

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  2. Is that Jerry Seinfeld sitting with Kramer in the second booth?

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  3. Why can’t people let other people know that someone’s food is bad? It’s not lashon hora.

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  4. Wow. That really backfired. Why can’t I see it on FB?

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  5. So WRONG!!! Keep it private. It’s someone’s livelihood.. it can happen to the best restaurant in the world!

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