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Local Teens Arrested After Recent String Of Burglaries

After a prolonged period of burglaries into homes and synagogues, including the attempted arson of the synagogue, A  special police operation was set up to put an end to the phenomenon. Part of the operation was an undercover investigation, and at the end of many months of planning  the operation was successful.

Police allowed for publication this week that they have detained five minors who are prime suspects for the crime’s committed. All five of them have been sentenced to house arrest at present.

This is an important event as the boys in question come from Haredi families. As is known, the level of cooperation between the Haredi public & the Israeli police is not the finest. Often to try and solve a problem within the Haredi  community is hard due to their closed nature when it comes to trusting the police. Police hope that the end result will be a signal to all Israeli residents everywhere and regardless of communal identity – to file a complaint with the police when exposed to a criminal event.



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