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New Improved road into RBS Gimmel inaugurated

In a Modest and dignified ceremony  the opening of the newly widened road into Ramat Beit Shemesh Gimmel was held yesterday. The road will start from the main road that connects to route 38 with two lanes in each direction and has a separation barrier along the length of the road for added safety.

Head of the Iriyah Mr. Motti Chota, said: “We are currently undergoing a development revolution concerning the road infrastructures around and within Beit Shemesh, the ground we stand on now now will eventually be the connection to highway interchange 5”.

City Engineer, Engineer Danny Zarfati, said: “I am proud of  the amazing development that is going on in the city of Beit Shemesh, and the construction of this major road that we opened today.  The continuation of this road will connect to Highway 375 and will serve as an additional entrance to the city of Beit Shemesh.

City Treasurer, Ari Bordegn explained to those present : “In the past we were only able to visit the current area using 4 x 4 vehicles. We now we get to see these areas have become a city with a well-developed roads and bridges.”

Deputy Mayor Shmuel Greenberg, said: “It is difficult in developing and populating a city and a new neighborhood, we are pleased to be now completing another step in the development of the neighborhood which will help many residents of new neighborhood.

Mayor Moshe Abutbul said the words: “Two weeks ago we inaugurated the main bridge connecting the neighborhoods RBS Aleph to RBS Gimmel. And now we dedicate the full opening of the improved road for this other side of the neighborhood. Many roads are being built around and within Beit Shemesh, but today we are opening another road that is important for the infrastructure of RBS Gimmel.

Beit Shemesh will continue to grow and expand over the next decade we will reach to 250,000 residents from all sectors, we will be among the five largest cities in the country. it is not enough to just build apartments, it is also important for the development of industrial and commercial zones. I thank all the partners that has a part in the development of this road and the construction of Beit Shemesh, Management of the Housing Ministry, the senior professional staff of the municipality and members of the Executive Council of the city “.

After completing his speech Mayor Moshe Abutbul  cut the ribbon to signal the opening of the road.IMG_1364IMG_1365IMG_1362IMG_1360IMG_1363



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