Tuesday , 20 March 2018
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I am not one of those that “heard a rumor …

Comment on OP-ED: Why Pogrow Was Successful by VEisenberg.

I am not one of those that “heard a rumor about this a while back…” so this comes as a great shock to me!! I really feel insecure about who we can trust, especially with our children! Even making our children aware about “stranger danger” is no longer relevant, as these predators operate to gain the trust of their victims, and only then abuse… its a fine line to educate your children about such real concerns, without making them afraid to walk down the street anymore. So, so awful on so many levels 🙁

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BDE: Daniel Barg, a’h
BDE 🙁 So, so sad… May his family have a nechama b’karov!



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