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Does Your School Make the “Chareidi” Grade?



rbs schools(photo courtesy of YWN)


Rebbim from the Charedei sector of RBS have come out harshly against some of the schools in the area due to the secular studies that are taught there.  Ironically, the schools in question: Mesivta Beit Shemesh, Yeshiva Arzei Levanon and Yeshiva Meorot happen to have talmidim whose parents daven in the shuls of the rebbim who signed the “pashkevilin”so it’s unclear if the signatures are real or forged.

Since the schools in question have been operational for a number of years already, it is unclear what prompted the outcry now. Some are speculating that it is in conjunction to the recent Mishpacha article about RBS.



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