Sunday , 22 April 2018
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New project to expand Beit Shemesh Industrial Zone


Today the Mayor & relevant parties, discussed the enlarging of Beit Shemesh’s industrial zone.     The expansion project is listed to take place in Har Tuv Bet. Among the many details discussed some of them included a new railway depot & a new electric power station. The mayor finished the meeting by thanking those that attended, & for their …

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New Improved road into RBS Gimmel inaugurated


In a Modest and dignified ceremony  the opening of the newly widened road into Ramat Beit Shemesh Gimmel was held yesterday. The road will start from the main road that connects to route 38 with two lanes in each direction and has a separation barrier along the length of the road for added safety. Head of the Iriyah Mr. Motti …

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Ministry Of Interior To Expand Services


The Ministry of Interior Beit Shemesh will be undertaking a significant expansion project. It was agreed in a meeting held recently at City Hall, with the participation of Mayor Moshe Abutbul; His deputy, Samuel Greenberg & other Interior Ministry officials, That the interior ministry will enhance the services currently provided to its residents. Greenberg explained the that the  Ministry of …

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Kabalat Kahal With R’ Aryeh Deri


Rabbi Aryeh Deri will be coming to Beit Shemesh  for a kabalat kahal with other members of the different factions to answer questions from Beit Shemesh residents . The staff will address the following issues to the general public: Health – MK HaRav Yoav Ben Tzur, from the Shas party Education – HaRav Chaim Biton, CEO of B’nei Yosef Construction …

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Hatzalah Gets a New Ambulance


  (photo credit: Mordy Portel) This past Thursday , Hatzalah Beit Shemesh (HBS) inaugurated their newest and third ambulance. The ambulance was donated by an anonymous donor. HBS started off the event in their Luz office with speeches given by Mayor Moshe Abutbul and the CEO of HBS, Eytan Yehuda Dzikowski. After a brief reception, the whole community was invited …

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Benjamin Library Inaguration


    The Benjamin Meyerhoff Children’s Library reopened today after completing renovations. Joining the event was Mayor Moshe Abutbul and Rabbi Shmuel Greenberg. The library located in the Matnas, has been serving the Beit Shemesh community for 25 years and server as a educational center for all children in Beit Shemesh.

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New Pashkvilin Up Threatening Mayor Abutbul

poster against abutbul

  New wall posters threaten against the mayor, Moshe Abutbul, have been hung up today. Mainly due to the fact that the municipality of Beit Shemesh began to enforce and penalize those responsible for hanging posters against military service. – how ironic…    

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IN PHOTOS: Sheva Brachos for Mayor’s Daughter

Abutbol sheva brachos

Last night, City Council member Moshe Montag held Sheva Brachos for the Mayor's daughter at his home in Ramat Beit Shemesh.

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Mayor’s Daughter’s Wedding Marred by Tragedy

truck topples

Singer’s mother crushed to death in freak accident This evening, the daughter of Mayor Moshe Abutol is scheduled to be married. It was learned earlier this morning that the mother of one of the singers under the Chuppah was killed in a freak accident on Route 446 near Kiryat Sefer. The driver of a truck mishandled the roadway, causing his …

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Ohr Moshe gets VIP visit

Ohr Moshe

This morning, Mayor Moshe Abutbol and members of the City Council took a few moments out of their very busy schedule to visit the new campus of Yeshivat Ohr Moshe.

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