Sunday , 22 April 2018
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Stabbing In Bet Shemesh


A 16-year-old suffered light wounds on Sunday afternoon in a stabbing on Aliyat Hano’ar street in Beit Shemesh. Police are investigating.

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Worker Dies Today in Accident in RBS G

falling person

Zaka was seen in  RBS Gimmel today where a an Arab worker fell and died. More details to come.

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Crash On Route 10

car accident

At approximately 8:00am there was a crash on route 10 at the Machzavot Junction involving a ford transit mini bus & a taxi. There was damage to both vehicles that were involved in the crash. Six People were injured in the crash & were seen to by medics from Ichud Hatzalah. The road has reopened and drivers are requested not …

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Road Closure On Route 375


Road 375 has been closed off in both directions from מטה  to צור הדסהת due to a traffic incident involving an overturned truck. Travelers are being advised to use different routes if possible.

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Highway Worker Seriously Injured In RBS Aleph

A Highway Worker was seriously injured in a a work accident today, as he was working on the current road expansion project. The aim of the project is to make the corner of Nacahl Dolev & Nachal Meor larger so as to relive traffic for public transport. At present we do not have details on the extent of his injuries. …

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Accident on 1 Causing Gridlock

kvish 1 traffic

    If you’re traveling to Beit Shemesh this evening. There is gridlock on 1 going to Tel Aviv from Jerusalem. It is recommended to find alternate routes.

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Accident on Route 38 Leaves 10 Injured and Some Severely Wounded (Correction)

WhatsApp Image 2017-01-12 at 7.55.55 PM

  A horrible accident happened tonight between a minibus and a private car leave 10 injured and many more wounded. The accident happened around 20:00 this evening on Route 38 by the Shimshon Junction. A firefighting team lead by Kobe Danon were the first to respond. More details to come.   (Editors note: We previous reported that 10 were dead. …

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Cement Truck Explodes: 6 Wounded

cement MDA

    Earlier today around 5;45 this evening a cement truck exploded injuring 6  people (2 women and 4 children) on Nahal Uria. Witnesses said that some unknown reason the cement truck started spattering cement and gravel from a hose connected to a truck that was there for residential construction. All 6 were taken by MDA to Shaarei Tzedek for …

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417 bus involved in accident

417 bus involved in accident

A bus accident has occured at "Shazar" - Binyanei Hauma in Jerusalem involving a 417 bus.

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UPDATE: RBS Resident Killed in 375 Accident

Accident on Route 375

Emergency responders have been called to Route 375 near the Beit Shemesh exit for a traffic accident.

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