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Electric Power Outages Strike Beit Shemesh On Erev Shabbat.


Power outages that were caused by the extreme winter weather that Israel is experiencing at the moment, plunged houses into darkness in certain sections of the city on erev shabbat. However Beit Shemesh was not the only city to have experienced power cuts Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Ashdod & Petach Tikva all reported to have experienced power cuts either before,during or …

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Residents Of Beit Shemesh To Protest Outside Iriyah Offices Tomorrow


Residents of Ramat Beit Shemesh are to protest outside the Iriyah offices tomorrow, over its incompetence with their handling of the wild dog situation, which has escalated to dangerous levels these past few weeks. The protest has been arranged to start at 9.00am on Sunday morning 28/01/17 and will continue to 2:00pm. Organisers of the event have asked that as …

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Bituach Leumi Offices To Expand Its Operational Hours

גרינברג עם מנהל מחוז ירושלים בביטוח לאומי

The National Insurance  branch located on Ha’Nasi Street will expand its operating hours and the days it is open to the public. The decision was made by the deputy mayor Shmuel Greenburg  as he conducted a tour with Ofer Cohen, director of the Jerusalem District National Insurance Institute. Following the drastic reduction of the activity of the National Insurance Institute, …

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New project to expand Beit Shemesh Industrial Zone


Today the Mayor & relevant parties, discussed the enlarging of Beit Shemesh’s industrial zone.     The expansion project is listed to take place in Har Tuv Bet. Among the many details discussed some of them included a new railway depot & a new electric power station. The mayor finished the meeting by thanking those that attended, & for their …

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New Improved road into RBS Gimmel inaugurated


In a Modest and dignified ceremony  the opening of the newly widened road into Ramat Beit Shemesh Gimmel was held yesterday. The road will start from the main road that connects to route 38 with two lanes in each direction and has a separation barrier along the length of the road for added safety. Head of the Iriyah Mr. Motti …

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Indictments against 14 haredim over violent demonstrations.


Fourteen indictments were submitted against haredim who disrupted public order in Jerusalem and Beit Shemesh during demonstrations against the arrest of haredi IDF deserters. During the violent demonstrations which took place in the last few weeks, police arrested twenty suspects who were arraigned in court. Fourteen of them were charged with crimes of endangering life on a public thoroughfare, participating …

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Crash On Route 10

car accident

At approximately 8:00am there was a crash on route 10 at the Machzavot Junction involving a ford transit mini bus & a taxi. There was damage to both vehicles that were involved in the crash. Six People were injured in the crash & were seen to by medics from Ichud Hatzalah. The road has reopened and drivers are requested not …

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Opening Ceremony For New Bridge Connecting RBS Aleph to RBS Gimmel

2017-01-05 09.06.55_0

The opening ceremony of the expanded access road to Ramat Beit Shemesh Gimmel (Route 5) will take place tomorrow. The road begins at the traffic circle exit of Nachal Ze’elim, and enters RBS Gimmel at Zacharia Ha Navi Street, untill now there has been only one connecting road for entering and exiting RBS Gimmel, however this was a road that …

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Ministry Of Interior To Expand Services


The Ministry of Interior Beit Shemesh will be undertaking a significant expansion project. It was agreed in a meeting held recently at City Hall, with the participation of Mayor Moshe Abutbul; His deputy, Samuel Greenberg & other Interior Ministry officials, That the interior ministry will enhance the services currently provided to its residents. Greenberg explained the that the  Ministry of …

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Wild Dogs Attack Again!!


Last night a woman was attacked by a vicious pack of wild dogs on Nachal tzeelim, she has been hospitalized & is receiving treatment. It should be mentioned that this is not a new issue and was covered extensively last week within the national media and local social networks. With the frustration of the residents rising, & people calling for …

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