Sunday , 22 April 2018
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Traffic Accident on Ayalon

HBS & MDA respond to a traffic accident on Nachal Ayalon

Emergency crews have responded to an accident on Nachal Ayalon. Photo credit: Hatzala Beit Shemesh Spokesperson's Unit

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Man bitten by viper snake

Viper Snake

A 36 year old man was transported to the hospital after being bitten by a viper snake in Mateh Yehuda. He was listed in moderate condition.

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Unrest continues in Rama B

Riots continue in RBS B

More unrest in Rama B, as Kitzonim and extremists protest Yom Haatzmaut in the streets of Nehar Hayardein, near the Mercaz in Bet.

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Police arrest two illegals in Beit Shemesh

418 bus molester arrested

Following up on a tip from citizens, Beit Shemesh police stopped two suspicious individuals carrying backpacks in the Old Beit Shemesh mercaz.

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Ezrat Achim vandalized

Terem at Ezras Achim

Kitzonim, upset at Mayor Moshe Abutbol for talking about removing modesty signs and defending soldiers, have vandalized the Ezrat Achim branch on in Ramat Beit Shemesh B. Ezrat Achim has been the target of Kitzonim, due to the many acts of chessed by its founder, Avrami Kopp, towards soldiers and his association with government officials and the police. Video Credit: DP

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MDA remembers fallen Beit Shemesh members

As the nation plunges into its yearly day of remembrance for those who died while protecting our country, and victims of terror, Magen Dovid Adom also held its yearly tekes to remember two Beit Shemesh personnel who died.

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Huge demonstration in RBS B tonight

Demonstration in Rama Aleph

Posters hung in RBS B are calling for Chareidim to come out and hold a demonstration at 8 PM, apparently over movies that were shown over Chol Hamoed Pesach. The posters, signed by Rav Kopshitz, call for the Chareidi community to leave their homes at 8 PM to protest. Police are preparing for huge crowds and riots. Traffic will be …

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Superbus slammed for Shabbos violation


Witnesses report that a Superbus company vehicle entered Rama Aleph on Shabbos, the first day of Pesach, at 7:38 PM, before the end of Shabbos. Chareidi residents are calling for the firing of the driver, and for Superbus to be fined for the aggression – and they are calling for an investigation into other Shabbos infractions. Superbus says that they …

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Fire breaks out in Machseya

Firefighters battle fire in a building

Firefighters were called to battle a large blaze overnight in a warehouse in Machsiya overnight. No injuries were reported.

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Riots in Rama B

Demonstration in Rama Aleph

Police are warning that riots are taking place by extremists in Rama B and have set trash cans on fire in the area of Rebi Yehuda Hanasi and Hayardein. Traffic alert in effect in the area, as fire fighters and police are on locations. (Illustrative Photo)

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