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MDA vs Ichud (Again….)


  As we were all getting ready for Shabbos this past week the eruv Shabbos silence was broken by a car making an announcement. Was it a funeral? Was there a sale? No. It was announcing that in case of emergency the gedolei Yisroel has said to call Ichud. Why the need to for the announcement now? It seems that …

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Cohen of Chevrat Chashmal House Burns Down Due to Electrical Fire


David Cohen, the deputy director of Chevrat Chashmal, house burnt down tonight due to a short circuit in his home. No one was injured and the family is staying with relatives.

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Rav Amnon Yitzkak Coming to Beit Shemesh


  Rav Amnon Yitzchak will be coming to the Matnas on January 16th. He will be giving a shiur entitled ” Hatefilah of Gog and Magog” Doors open at 8:00 PM and the shiur starts at 8:30. R’ Amnon Yitzhak, is a Haredi Israeli rabbi best known for his involvement in Orthodox Judaism outreach. He is involved in activities which …

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City Officers Looking int Dangerous Intersection


Rabbi Shmuel Greenberg (Sgan Rosh Ha’ir) and Rabbi Silverstein (Sgan Habruit ) were in the mercaz of RBS today to look into why the crosswalk between Shuk Mehadrin (formerly known as Shefa shuk)  and Einit was painted over. Anyone who has ever crossed that area is aware of the lack of visibility there and the danger of children crossing.

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Breaking News: Budget Approved for BS Soccer Field

soccer field

  Beit Shemesh was just approved by the budgeting committee for a grant of 10 million shekels to build a new soccer field in Beit Shemesh. More details to come….

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Pamphlets Against the Army Distributed in Beit Shemesh


      Yesterday residents woke up to find a pamphlet against the IDF in their mailboxes. In addition to speaking negatively against the IDF, there were “suggestions” of not to wear an army uniform publicly (even for a photo) and how best to deal with the Israeli army authorities.  

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Demonstration Today in Support of Elor Azaria


    There will be a demonstration today in support of Elor Azaria, 11:00 today at BIG. Azaria, was an army medic convicted of manslaughter yesterday for the killing of Abed al-Fattah al-Sharif, a 21-year-old Palestinian in Chevron. His trial has divided Israel and has been the source of contention since the trial started due to politicians and the army’s …

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Kabalat Kahal With R’ Aryeh Deri


Rabbi Aryeh Deri will be coming to Beit Shemesh  for a kabalat kahal with other members of the different factions to answer questions from Beit Shemesh residents . The staff will address the following issues to the general public: Health – MK HaRav Yoav Ben Tzur, from the Shas party Education – HaRav Chaim Biton, CEO of B’nei Yosef Construction …

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MLB Comes to BS

jnf baseball

  What’s an Anglo community without an Anglo sport? Beit Shemesh is finally getting their own regulation baseball stadium and is having the inauguration tomorrow, Friday, January 6th at 9:00 at the end of  Rechov Emek Hazeltim. The MLB baseball players scheduled to appear are Sam Fuld, Ike Davis, Josh Zeid, Danny Valencia and more.   The new stadium is …

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Hatzalah Gets a New Ambulance


  (photo credit: Mordy Portel) This past Thursday , Hatzalah Beit Shemesh (HBS) inaugurated their newest and third ambulance. The ambulance was donated by an anonymous donor. HBS started off the event in their Luz office with speeches given by Mayor Moshe Abutbul and the CEO of HBS, Eytan Yehuda Dzikowski. After a brief reception, the whole community was invited …

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