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Residents Of Beit Shemesh To Protest Outside Iriyah Offices Tomorrow


Residents of Ramat Beit Shemesh are to protest outside the Iriyah offices tomorrow, over its incompetence with their handling of the wild dog situation, which has escalated to dangerous levels these past few weeks. The protest has been arranged to start at 9.00am on Sunday morning 28/01/17 and will continue to 2:00pm. Organisers of the event have asked that as …

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Indictments against 14 haredim over violent demonstrations.


Fourteen indictments were submitted against haredim who disrupted public order in Jerusalem and Beit Shemesh during demonstrations against the arrest of haredi IDF deserters. During the violent demonstrations which took place in the last few weeks, police arrested twenty suspects who were arraigned in court. Fourteen of them were charged with crimes of endangering life on a public thoroughfare, participating …

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Another Day in RBS -B


  Another protest was held this morning on Nahal Yarden over the non-mehadrin bus lines. This has become a daily event where the protesters start blocking buses, the police show up and arrest protesters.  There is hope with the new police commander things will change.

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Pamphlets Against the Army Distributed in Beit Shemesh


      Yesterday residents woke up to find a pamphlet against the IDF in their mailboxes. In addition to speaking negatively against the IDF, there were “suggestions” of not to wear an army uniform publicly (even for a photo) and how best to deal with the Israeli army authorities.  

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Demonstration Today in Support of Elor Azaria


    There will be a demonstration today in support of Elor Azaria, 11:00 today at BIG. Azaria, was an army medic convicted of manslaughter yesterday for the killing of Abed al-Fattah al-Sharif, a 21-year-old Palestinian in Chevron. His trial has divided Israel and has been the source of contention since the trial started due to politicians and the army’s …

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Yaffa Ben David to Government: “You Should be Ashamed!” – Schools to Start at 11 tomorrow


    After many hours of a standoff between the Teacher’s Union and the Finance committee Yaffa Ben-David, head of the Teacher’s Union, has thrown the first punch. By announcing a “warning” strike and having all schools start at 11:00 tomorrow, 3rd of January. This applies to all educational institutions: kindergartens, elementary schools and middle schools. Special education schools will …

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Does Your School Make the “Chareidi” Grade?

rbs schools

    (photo courtesy of YWN)   Rebbim from the Charedei sector of RBS have come out harshly against some of the schools in the area due to the secular studies that are taught there.  Ironically, the schools in question: Mesivta Beit Shemesh, Yeshiva Arzei Levanon and Yeshiva Meorot happen to have talmidim whose parents daven in the shuls of …

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Charedi Soldier Harrased Walking Down the Street

matzav army

The harassment doesn’t end for  chareidi soldiers – even in the presence of the soldier’s children. Yesterday, a married IDF soldier was was walking down the street in uniform in Bet Shemesh, pushing his young child in a stroller, when a group of young boys began jeering him, calling him names, including “Chardak,” a derogatory term used for chareidim who enlist in …

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New Pashkvilin Up Threatening Mayor Abutbul

poster against abutbul

  New wall posters threaten against the mayor, Moshe Abutbul, have been hung up today. Mainly due to the fact that the municipality of Beit Shemesh began to enforce and penalize those responsible for hanging posters against military service. – how ironic…    

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Demonstration in Aleph

Demonstration in Rama Aleph

Extremists, apparently bored of rioting in Rama Bet, have decided to visit Nachal Dolev to let everyone know that joining the army is Assur.

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