Tuesday , 20 March 2018
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Kabalat Kahal With R’ Aryeh Deri


Rabbi Aryeh Deri will be coming to Beit Shemesh  for a kabalat kahal with other members of the different factions to answer questions from Beit Shemesh residents . The staff will address the following issues to the general public: Health – MK HaRav Yoav Ben Tzur, from the Shas party Education – HaRav Chaim Biton, CEO of B’nei Yosef Construction …

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Yaffa Ben David to Government: “You Should be Ashamed!” – Schools to Start at 11 tomorrow


    After many hours of a standoff between the Teacher’s Union and the Finance committee Yaffa Ben-David, head of the Teacher’s Union, has thrown the first punch. By announcing a “warning” strike and having all schools start at 11:00 tomorrow, 3rd of January. This applies to all educational institutions: kindergartens, elementary schools and middle schools. Special education schools will …

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Gan problems in Gimmel

City of Beit Shemesh Plenary Meeting

Residents in Ramat Beit Shemesh Gimmel are outraged by the lack of Iriyah ganim for the upcoming school year.

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