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New Improved road into RBS Gimmel inaugurated


In a Modest and dignified ceremony  the opening of the newly widened road into Ramat Beit Shemesh Gimmel was held yesterday. The road will start from the main road that connects to route 38 with two lanes in each direction and has a separation barrier along the length of the road for added safety. Head of the Iriyah Mr. Motti …

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Eruv Poles in Beit Shemesh Destroyed


  (photo credit: YWN)     Noam Zeigman from Kol Berama had a office from the Beit Shemesh Religous Council yesterday discussing how there were a small amount of individuals that were involved with dowsing eruv poles in the Bar Ilan neighborhood of the city.  Even though the neighborhood is “mixed” the chareidi and non chareidi families live together in …

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New Arnona Break Strains City’s Budget

beit shemesh homes

A new property tax break was signed into effect for low income families. This further lowers their arnona bill by up to 5%. In addition, the law makes the deduction easier to get by having to submit 12 month pay stubs as oppose to before where you only had to submit 3 months. This new break is burdening local governments …

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Rentals to Solve Housing Crisis Says MK Mozes

Portrait of Knesset member Menachem Eliezer Mozes of the United Torah Judaism party. May 04, 2009. Photo by Miriam Alster/Flash90  *** Local Caption *** ???? ?????? ????
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    UTJ chairman MK Rabbi Menachem Eliezer Mozes, believes the best way to solve the housing crisis is to create a program that will encourage construction of apartment buildings with rental units. He is basing this on its success in the past with major cities around the world. This would allow the government to make a program of incentives and tax breaks …

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UPDATE: Millions of NIS headed to Beit Shemesh

Housing Minister Galant says Millions of NIS to be transferred to Beit Shemesh

During today's visit to Beit Shemesh, Yoav Galant, the Minister of Housing, said that a deal was close to be finalized with the city of Beit Shemesh.

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Housing upstarts down in second half of 2015

Lawsuit in Rama Gimmel

Despite a robust showing in the housing market, a recent survey by the Central Bureau of Statistics finds that housing upstarts in the second half of 2015 across Israel were down compared to the last two previous quarters.

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