Sunday , 22 April 2018
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Pikud Oref drill on Wednesday

PIkud Oref Siren Test

Pikud Oref has announced that a siren test will be held on Wednesday morning at 10:05 AM.

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Demonstration planned for Rama Bet

Demonstration in Bet

A demonstration is planned in Rama Bet for an individual arrested for not registering into the army. The incident occurred in Tzfas.

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Cancelled kindergarten event rescheduled

Event cancelled by police

Last week, we reported about a kindergarten event at Naimi Mall that was shut down by police for safety fears.

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BDE: Elie Weisel

Eli Weisel

It is with much sadness that we announce the passing of Nobel Prize Laurete and Holocaust survivor Elie Weisel, who passed away this evening at the age of 87.

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Another drowning in Srigim

Drowning in Srigim Pool

Four year old pulled from bottom of pool in Srigim.

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Transportation Outrage in Gimmel


This morning, callers to Radio Kol Chai expressed their outrage at the city and Ministry of Transportation over the lack of reasonable transportation in Rama Gimmel.

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Second tower at Nofiah complex issues Tofes 4

Tower of the Hammerman Complex

The Hammerman Group, builders of the Nofiah complex at the entrance to Beit Shemesh, has received a second Tofes 4 from the city

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Pedestrian struck on Ben Ze’ev Street


A female was lightly injured after being struck by a vehicle on Ben Ze'ev Street near the taxi station.

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Is the era of bowling in Beit Shemesh over?


Rumors abound about the future of the Beit Shemesh bowling alley in Sun Center.

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Likud to join coalition


Likud party members to take over key city positions It is reported that the Likud party will join the city coalition, after negotiations were successfully completed. Among the concessions made to win them in, include: A theater A sports stadium at the entrance to Beit Shemesh Designated youth housing Additionally, the following changes will take place within the city government: …

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