Sunday , 22 April 2018
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Police brutality in RBS A

Police brutality?

A shocking video has emerged of a police office grabbing a young man by the neck and physically wrestling him to the ground.

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Traffic Accident on Nachal Tzeelim

MVA Tseelim

Emergency crews are on the scene of a traffic accident on Nachal Tseelim at the intersection with Route 38.

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Large power outage reported

Power Outage Illustrative

A large power outage is being reported this morning in areas of Rama A, G and Scheinfeld, including Nofei Aviv and Nofei Hashemesh.

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Serious accident reported at Tzomet Haelah


Emergency crews are responding to the report of a serious traffic accident at Tzomet Haelah on Route 375. Use caution in the area.

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Fire Department to hold Safety Week

Rescue operation in Hurvit Forest

In light of the upcoming Lag B'Omer holiday, the fire department will hold its annual open house and safety fair at the fire station on Rechov Hanasi 1 on May 22 - 24 from 9 AM to 5 PM.

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Report: Rent hike of 1.93% over the last year

Wolfson Towers Apartments for rent

A recently released report by the Central Bureau of Statistics shows a large rise in rent prices across the country.

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City concerned about Asian Tiger mosquetos


A recent meeting about the invasion of the Asian Tiger mosquito, saw city leaders & environmental teams talking about how to deal with the spread.

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Special bus lines to Meron to operate from Beit Shemesh


With an expectation of over 7,000 visitors to the Kever of Rebi Shimon Bar Yochai in Meron this Lag B'Omer, bus companies will run over 1500 buses to Meron from Chareidi strongholds such as Jerusalem, Beit Shemesh and Bnei Braq.

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Tragedy in Ethiopia

BDE Rachel Peretz

A 6-year-old Beit Shemesh boy, who traveled to Ethiopia to visit his grandmother, was killed in a traffic accident. The funeral is planned for Friday at 11 AM in the local Beit Shemesh cemetery.

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Study finds more Chareidi students moving to state religious schools


A recent study, entitled “A Picture of the Nation,” found that among Chareidi populations, there is more movement from more religious schools to less religious schools than there is movement in the opposite direction.

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