Sunday , 22 April 2018
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Stabbing In Bet Shemesh


A 16-year-old suffered light wounds on Sunday afternoon in a stabbing on Aliyat Hano’ar street in Beit Shemesh. Police are investigating.

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Police to Crack Down on Traffic Offenders


  Beit Shemesh police are continuing their large scale operations against traffic violators. The local police in conjunction with the Jerusalem District of Traffic Police recorded 60 tickets last week for life threatening traffic infractions including: 3 teenagers who were caught driving a car and none of them had a license and a driver caught under the influence of drugs. …

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Local Teens Arrested After Recent String Of Burglaries

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After a prolonged period of burglaries into homes and synagogues, including the attempted arson of the synagogue, A  special police operation was set up to put an end to the phenomenon. Part of the operation was an undercover investigation, and at the end of many months of planning  the operation was successful. Police allowed for publication this week that they have …

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Indictments against 14 haredim over violent demonstrations.


Fourteen indictments were submitted against haredim who disrupted public order in Jerusalem and Beit Shemesh during demonstrations against the arrest of haredi IDF deserters. During the violent demonstrations which took place in the last few weeks, police arrested twenty suspects who were arraigned in court. Fourteen of them were charged with crimes of endangering life on a public thoroughfare, participating …

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Road Closure On Route 375


Road 375 has been closed off in both directions from מטה  to צור הדסהת due to a traffic incident involving an overturned truck. Travelers are being advised to use different routes if possible.

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Missing Beit Shemesh Man Has Been Found

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  Around 14:00 police issued a missing person’s report for a Matan Ben Abu, 25, who had not been seen since Sunday. A few minutes ago it was reported that he was found safe and sound. No further details have been released.

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Greenberg Meets with New Police Chief to Discuss Helping Beit Shemesh

Greenberg and police

Sgan Rosh Hair Rabbi Shmuel Greenberg met today with the new Beit Shemesh Police Commander, Ronen Goresh and Chief Superintendent Michael Malka. They discussed the issues of keeping the peace in the city, construction in RBS G and police staffing there, keeping it quiet at Ayalon park at night as well as the recent slew of burglaries. They agreed at …

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3 Beit Shemesh Residents Arrested for Drug Smuggling


    3 Beit Shemesh residents were arrested today on suspicion of smuggling drugs in from Europe. The suspects were planning on disguising the cannabis seeds  in toys and food products.   We will keep you posted when more details are given.  

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Charedi Soldier Harrased Walking Down the Street

matzav army

The harassment doesn’t end for  chareidi soldiers – even in the presence of the soldier’s children. Yesterday, a married IDF soldier was was walking down the street in uniform in Bet Shemesh, pushing his young child in a stroller, when a group of young boys began jeering him, calling him names, including “Chardak,” a derogatory term used for chareidim who enlist in …

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Last Week’s Attack Not the First Time for Assailant

unlocked door

    We spoke with the lady that called the police on the assault that happened last week in RBS G. The X family had just moved into the building and left their two daughters, 16 and 10 to unpack when there was a knock at the door. A neighbor had come over to introduce himself. He called himself “Robbie” …

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