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Translation of Letter from the Iryah Office About Dog Situation


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As we reported last night, Beit Shemesh is having a terrible dog epidemic. For the first time a message from Dr. Maya Kimchi who has been selected to tackle this issue has spoken out about the current situation.

Abridged letter is below:

Dear Residents –

We are in a tough situation where dogs are coming in from surrounding areas of Beit Shemesh and invading the neighborhoods and attaching people.

Upon taking the job last week, along with a dog catcher we are trying to find the hiding places and dens of these dogs. Most of the aggressive dogs were found in the Nahal Ein Gedi/ Nahal Chever ares where there were observed to have at least 3 groups of wild dogs.

The municipality has place at my disposal to help me capture the dogs a mild anesthesia.  If there is anyone out there who has any additional or better equipment we invite them to help us streamline the operations. Please remember we work at odd hours sometimes 12 hours a day without a break.

Dogs are naturally very smart and careful, so you can  not capture the entire band on once. And when one is caught the other dogs disperse and flee which just makes our job last longer.

Since these dogs are most actively at dusk and early morning, I try working at this time. Please remember that you can not shoot dogs at night and therefore we are working to acquire the proper equipment for the night.

I  understand the distress and justified fears of the residents and the municipality assures you that we are taking this very seriously and invest all efforts and resources at our disposal to capture all aggressive dogs as soon as possible. Remember the law severely limits the actions we can take against the dogs.

I am asking people to be patient and thank everyone for their cooperation.

Dr. Maya Kimchi



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