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Transportation Outrage in Gimmel

Transportation Woes in Rama G

More transportation options in the works

This morning, callers to Radio Kol Chai expressed their outrage at the city and Ministry of Transportation over the lack of reasonable transportation in Rama Gimmel.

Currently, one Superbus line (19) services inner city transport. This line only goes between Gimmel (which takes about 25 minutes) to Levi Eshkol. It does not service the train station, Big, or Old Beit Shemesh.

Callers described how they are packed like sardines during different times of day. This is especially seen in the morning when their children are being shuttled to Aleph for school. Passengers complain that drivers frequently miss stops. They also complain of no shade or shelter at bus stops.

Guidelines state that the 19 bus is supposed to be running every 8 minutes, a far cry from reality.

The Ministry of Transportation says that they are working on a plan to enhance services. Some ideas include extending the 15 line into Gimmel, and creating a new line. The city also says they are working with the Ministry to enhance bus service into Gimmel.

Superbus says their drivers can only work within a safe framework, and are often forced to stop servicing bus stops due to overcrowding. The company says they are looking forward to approval from the Ministry of Transportation and the city to enhance the bus service in Gimmel, in order to bring relief to the transportation problems and overcrowding.

Enhanced transportation option for Rama Gimmel will be announced in the coming weeks.



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