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WARNING: Reported OBGYN Predator

 sexual predator

OBGYN sexually abused women during exams

Magen has issued a warning that three complaints have been filed against a OBGYN working for Clalit and Maccabi. The blog “Olam Shel Chareidim” identifies the doctor as  Dr. Michael (Mickey) Shtatman. He works in the Jerusalem and Beitar branches. According to reports, Dr. Shtatman improperly touched women and sexually abused them during exams.

Dr. Shtatman was also working for Meuchedet, and was fired after the first report of improper contact.

Any woman who has a complaint against this doctor should contact Magen immediately.

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  1. Awful. Between this doctor and the peeping rabbi at the mikvah women can’t feel comfortable at their most vulnerable moments.

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  2. What’s going these days? Every day another pervert?

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