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Molester uncovered in Ramat Beit Shemesh


We have received word that the Beis Din has issued a siruv (shown here) again Meir Pogrow, the founder of the Master Torah Program. After a hearing, it was found that Pogrow has been involved in inappropriate and disgusting behavior against women whom have held him in high esteem.

The Beis Din warns in the strongest terms that no women should have any contact with him or his presentations, and should immediately cease contact with him. The Beis Din also says that men who listen to his Shiurim should cease any personal contact with him.

Many influential Rabbonim from Ramat Beit Shemesh have also signed a letter confirming the warning for women to immediately cease contact with Pogrow.

Here is a report from Magen, which was recently posted on their website regarding Pogrow.

You can download the documents here.

Beis Din Decision

Rabbonim Warning





  1. Not only is it not LH.. but it’s a mitzvah.. to ensure that no other victims fall into his traps!

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  2. I know what he did is wrong but isn’t this still Lashon Harah?

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