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Wild Dogs New Threat to Beit Shemesh


wild dog


People are angry at the iryah because they claim they are doing nothing about the wild dog situation in the city. There have been many claims that there are wild and dangerous dogs attacking city residents. These dogs are thought to be the guard dogs from local developments being built or from the local Bedouins.

Last week a 15-year-old was attacked last week by a pack of 7 dogs. The girl was bitten and was understandably traumatized by the situation. This is far from the first time that this has happened. Earlier a 12-year-old child was up in the mountains when he was attacked by 3 huge dogs and was bitten 5 or 6 times. He was saved by two people passing by who threw rocks at the dogs until they backed off.

Due to the fact that these dogs are wild, both of these children have to go to the Misrad Habruit in Jerusalem for a series of rabies shots. But what about the psychological damage of being attacked?

When we reached out to 106 to complain, we were told “We do our job and dispatch the dog catchers when we can.  But we aren’t allowed to kill the dogs only stun them.”

This clearly isn’t enough!

Children are urged not to go into the mountains by themselves and if you see a dog without a collar to call the city up immediately.



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